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Toxic State Records

Hank Wood And The Hammerheads - Stay Home LP

$ 15.00

Yes, the new Hank Wood LP is finally here! Like a lot of you, I've been jamming mp3s of this for the past few weeks, and after finally hearing the vinyl I have to say it sounds a lot better... the mastering job here sounds a little denser and more straightforward than the digital version, which when combined with the always-spot-on Toxic State packaging makes this absolutely essential to own on wax. If you haven't heard Hank Wood yet, they're one of the most unique and exciting bands in punk today... kinda surf-y, kinda garage-y riffs augmented with Sonics-style farfisa organ, a supplementary percussionist that makes some totally wild rhythms, and vocals that are more like really simple rapping than any punk vocalist you've heard before. It's a wild combination, but it's completely infectious, as anyone who has heard the band will tell you. Definitely one of the best LPs of 2014, and highly recommended.

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