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Syndrome 81 - Demo CS (US version)

Brain Abuse Records

Syndrome 81 - Demo CS (US version)

$ 4.00

Brain Abuse Records is proud to announce our first release. A US version of the Syndrome 81 - Demo cassette. This is a limited run of 100 copies (50 on white shell and 50 on black).

"Syndrome 81 delivers 5 songs full of disappointments, nihilism, anger. 5 tracks oscillating between Oi and Hardcore between Blitz and Negative Approach, between 82 and early uk Hardcore, between rage and melody, between Manchester and Detroit. that came out not too long ago. "The demo features five of the catchiest oi jams this side of Blitz. Their sound is influenced more by UK Oi!  and UK82 than French OI!, although some of the riffs sound like a more melodic take on No Class. What comes through most, though, is Blitz's new wave singles, especially New Age. The guitar line from Une Vie Pour Rien sounds like it could've come right off that 7". Overall the band has a more hardcore punk sound than most oi coming out, but keeps a great balance between melody and aggression."

You can download the whole demo for free here:

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